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Month 11

Our Not To-do list

When things are going well, there’s a thin line between excitement and overwhelm.
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Month 9-ish

Craftsmanship & Fidelity

Quick. Cheap. Bold. Bali. Lots of twitter.
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Month 4

Scarcity and Potential

I'm back in Amsterdam, so naturally I reflected a bit on these past months. One important lesson sums it up pretty well: You can probably do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want.
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Month 3

Never miss a beat

My favourite drummer is Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys.
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Month 2

Stress, systems and waves

Youssef turned out to be right: there’s always a next episode. If last episode was the cliffhanger where everything looks completely fucked up, this was the follow-up where random events save the day.
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Month 1

We already messed up.

A while ago Mike and I were jokingly discussing the idea of comparing ourselves to iconic duos. Rush Hour? Dunya & Desie? We thought of a couple of clever ones but never really settled on one. Luckily the last four weeks were crazy, and inspired me to come up with the perfect duo: Beavis and Butthead. Maybe even Butthead and Butthead because it sounds more stupid. Almost as stupid as our plan going into this journey.
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Month 0

Helping artists stay independent, from anywhere in the world.

Having good ideas does not make you a good entrepreneur. After considering about 50 ideas in the past 3 years and working on a few of them, I’m currently writing this blog with €0 profits (Although I swear we made €100 bucks once) and a lot of unfinished ideas.
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