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Month 9-ish

Craftsmanship & Fidelity

November 27, 2019

It's been a little while since our last post. The truth is, I've been having some struggles figuring out what to write about, since so much stuff is happening at once. Looking at Mike's last post, it feels like ages ago even though it has only been a couple of months.

Let me give you guys a quick rundown of what happened since:

Seeing how Minimum and Pody have evolved from ideas to tangibles has had me thinking a lot about the role of craftsmanship. Up until recently we were fully running on the indie maker mindset engine. Quick. Cheap. Bold. Bali. Lots of twitter. (kinda like Mike, except for the cheap part)

Ideas are cheap, building products is getting cheaper.

A lot of the times I feel that the whole no-code wave is focusing on the wrong thing. The people who swear by Zapier | Bubble | Airtable as their go-to new way of building a product are missing the point just as much as the boomers who are still writing React front-ends.

To me, It was never about picking a side, but realizing that we are living in a world where multiple levels of fidelity are possible at the same time. Tech people are always trying so hard to make the right decision. I don't think you should make a single decision on what to use to build your product.

Instead, make multiple decisions and adjust the fidelity for each part of your product. Use code. Use Webflow. Use Bubble. Make sure you're creating value. Make sure your app looks & feels good - no excuses. That's craftsmanship.

And we're not just saying that. People are proving it. We are proving it. We're just lucky to be among the first that believe it.

If you want to chat, learn how or tell me why I'm wrong - hit me up on twitter @yelkhayami

Thanks for reading, it won't be another 5 months ✌️


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