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Month 11

Our Not To-do list

December 27, 2019

When things are going well, there’s a thin line between excitement and getting overwhelmed.

A few months ago, we had too much work and some investor attention coming in for Minimum. Running in parallel, reactions to Pody were amazing across the board.

From that moment, my mind started running with the possibilities - thinking of how fast we could scale, how much money we could make, whether we should quit Pody and many more ambitious plans.

We seriously spent some time contemplating these ideas, but something didn’t feel right, even though I’ve always wanted to run a business. I guess the idea of having a lot of money just doesn’t really excite me as much.

That made me question myself - what entrepreneur doesn’t want to grow their business? Aren’t all successful people extremely ambitious and willing to go above and beyond to make money? Are we going to fail because we’re not like them?

Anxious as I was, I started rushing and laying some groundwork to scale Minimum - Finding people to hire, thinking of marketing channels, training people, finding contractors, finances etc. Some of those decisions backfired pretty quickly.

It didn’t really feel right until I remembered a conversation we used to have before starting this business. We always told each other we just wanted to be building products that we’re proud of, free to make our own creative decisions and able to support our own living expenses.

I gave that some thought..

And figured out we already have all of those things.

The moment that realisation hit, a weight fell off my shoulders and it clicked. We don’t need to do any more than this. If we keep this up for a year, we’re doing great as a business and most importantly, we’re happy with what we do.  

That felt really great - so I started thinking of taking it a step further with a not to-do list.

Instead of focussing on what to add, it focuses on what to take away to improve everything that’s really, really important.

We gathered a lot of ideas over the year and it felt great to cut them out. Here’s our not to-do list:

And lastly;

Don’t get us wrong - we really love writing these, and a lot of other things on that list excite us. That’s not what it’s about though. It’s about doing the right things at the right time, and doing them well.

Everyone who has made it this far - Lots of love for keeping up with us and joining us in this little journey. All your support has really helped us push through this messy year.

I hope you’ll be with us again in a year or two ✌️


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